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Avalanche Dance

Fourteen-year-old Gwen has always lived for the joy of dancing. But all of her dreams are swept away by an avalanche that leaves her injured and may claim her dad’s life. When she needs her friend Molly the most, their friendship is betrayed and the two girls end up barely speaking. Then Molly gets in trouble with the law and is sentenced to do community service at Gwen’s home. Will Gwen and Molly rediscover their friendship? Will they reach beyond their misunderstanding to help each other heal and find joy again?


“(A) fun read for young teens, with a fast-moving and fairly believable plot and with dialogue that rings true. Many readers will identify with either Gwen or Molly, both of whom are superbly written characters.” - CM Magazine

“…real, believable and down-to-earth” – Grade 9 student


Tundra Books, 2010

ISBN 978-0-88776-958-0, 185 pages, paperback, ages 10-14

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