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Galena Bay Odyssey: Reflections of a Hippie Homesteader

Galena Bay Odyssey: Reflections of a Hippie Homesteader chronicles my adventures going back to the land in the British Columbia wilderness, from building a cabin to slaughtering chickens to cooking “carbon cakes” on the woodstove. And—oh, yeah—the time a bear climbed through an open window into our cabin. (Yes, that’s me emerging from the root cellar, with my snowshoes stuck in four feet of snow.) You can pre-order the book through your local bookseller or at

  • Winner, Community Historical Writing Award,
    British Columbia Historical Federation

“Schwartz’s prose . . . makes sharing Galena Bay memories with her a genuine pleasure. Highly recommended.” – Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Sun

“. . . a smooth and enticing read because of her fastidious and engaging tone. I . . . could hardly put it down.” – Catherine Owen,  BC Review

Heritage House Publishing, 2023

ISBN 978-1-77203-399-1 (paperback)

978-1-77203-400-4 (e-book)

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