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Make “Bricks”


Starshine’s dad invented health food teething cookies called "bricks." Here’s how to make these hard-as-a-rock cookies that babies like to teethe on. [Note: Bricks aren’t very sweet – on purpose. You may want to tinker with the recipe to make it taste better!]




2 cups (500 ml) whole wheat flour

½ cup (125 ml) wheat germ

¼ (65 ml) cup soy flour

¼ (65 ml) cup soy flour

1 T. (15 ml) nutritional yeast

¼ cup (65 ml) molasses

¼ cup (65 ml) honey

¼ cup (65 ml) vegetable oil


Mix all ingredients together. The dough will be stiff and you may have to use your hands. Form into small rectangles and bake 325º for 20 minutes or until quite hard.

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