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Spin a Web

(Starshine series)

Starshine loves spiders - and their webs. Most spiders spin orb webs. Here’s how to make an orb web:


Attach one end of some thread, fishing line or yarn to a central point such as a bedpost. Run the thread out about one and a half feet (one-half metre), attach the other end to an outer point and cut the thread. Do the same thing seven more times, so you have eight strands radiating out from the central point. These are your anchor strands. Now, starting near the center, weave strands cross-wise across the anchor threads, knotting as you pass each anchor. Repeat every few inches, so you have a series of eight-sided circles spreading farther and farther out from the central point. When you finish your web, place a paper spider, prey and egg sacs in the web. Cut out green paper plants or place real plants around the web to make it look more realistic.

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