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Pam’s parents have bought her a beat-up, second-hand bike to use during their year-long stay in Denmark. Pam rides “Dusty” every day through the countryside. As the year draws to a close, Pam’s parents tell her she must leave Dusty behind. But Pam can’t bear to part with her "trusty steed." What will she do? The answer lies in a secret message that has the power to link friends across oceans....


 About the illustrator:


Ann Swanson Gross was born in Germany and now lives in Winlaw, BC. She is well-known as a painter for adults, and Dusty was her first children’s book. When Ann was doing the illustrations, she bought a second-hand bike, put it in her living room and drew it dozens of times to learn how to draw a bike!


"Ellen Schwartz offers a charming, well-presented episode in the life of a young girl. Artist Ann Swanson Gross’ bold, highly individualistic illustrations, with their rich earth tones, are perfect complement to the text." Vancouver Sun


Solstice Books, 1983

ISBN 0-919560-02-1, 34 pages, paperback, ages 6-10


Dusty can be ordered directly from me at:

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